Lakeland & Lunesdale Physiotherapy clinic's new exercise class Body Control Pilates targets the deep postural muscles helping to improve postural alignment, flexibility, and body awareness

Body Control Pilates Classes

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a mental and physical body conditioning programme. It targets the deep postural muscles helping to improve postural alignment, flexibility, and body awareness.

Our lifestyles can lead to poor posture or faulty movement patterns, whether it's sitting for hours at the computer, hunching over your bicycle, repetitive movement in your sport or your job. All these can lead to imbalances in our muscle activity which alters our posture and flexibility causing stress on muscles and joints. Pilates first helps us to identify where the imbalances are then teaches us how to correct them.

Why Body Control Pilates?®

Body Control Pilates has taken the original classical mat exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and broken them down into manageable chunks! You start by learning the basic concepts of Pilates then progress and combine the exercises to a level that's right for you.

Who can attend?

Pilates can help people of all ages and fitness levels as you decide how much you need to challenge your body. You progress on to the level that's right for you and work at you own pace.

Particularly helpful for those with:

  • Poor Posture
  • Repeated episodes of neck or back pain
  • Previous muscle/joint pain/injury
  • General re-conditioning
  • Previous spinal or abdominal surgery
  • ...and much more!

Pilates can help your body build strength from within improving alignment reducing everyday stresses and strains on the joints, helping eliminate causes of pain.

The Classes

Class sizes will be kept to a minimum to ensure excellent supervision and attention to all participants.

If you prefer you can book a 1 to1 session to work on a Pilates programme specifically for you.

Suzanne Wells, a Chartered Physiotherapist with 15 years' experience and a member of the Body Control Pilates® Association states: "I first heard of Pilates when doing courses to enhance my professional development. More than once the teacher briefly advised us of exercises they would give after doing manipulative physiotherapy but then would say 'we then just send our clients to our Pilates teachers to assess and correct all their alignment problems.

So in 1998 eager to find out more about the 'Pilates teachers' I did a Body Control Pilates workshop for physiotherapists. I was impressed by the attention to detail with each exercise, the huge repertoire of exercises which highlighted the importance of the correct alignment of the whole body not just an injured limb. The focus required to feel where the body is going wrong and then to keep the muscles in check to correct yourself means that the mind is empty of any other thoughts, so has the added benefit of reducing stress too! I found the exercises hugely beneficial in helping to rehabilitate patients after injury, but my Pilates training was still limited.

I decided to complete Pilates teacher training, I chose Body Control Pilates® because it came well recommended. I completed my intensive training, practical and written exams followed by over 50 hours supervised teaching by June 2004 and began teaching at the Harrogate Pilates centre, I then moved over to Lancashire and started teaching in village halls. My classes are kept small. Body control Pilates strictly limits classes to a maximum of 12, but I prefer to keep my classes smaller to allow me to give more one to one attention."

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