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The services we offer

Physical conditions treated using physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Service

We specialise in the assessment, diagnosis & treatment of all your aches and pains and associated physical limitations. We pride ourselves on getting to the root of your problems, by analysing faulty postures & movement patterns, not merely treating the superficial symptoms. We look for the cause to treat the effect!

If you are suffering, then look no further, we will do our utmost to help you understand your problem with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis.

Please click on 'Musculoskeletal Service' for more information, and find out more about our musculoskeletal physios (Catherine Turner, Matt Hollows, Janet Evans, Martin Grundy) in 'Meet the Team'.

Respiratory Physiotherapist

Alison Harrison specialises in the assessment & treatment of breathing problems from Asthma to COPD & is also expert in the field of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

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Chiropody/Podiatry Service

Judith Swift is now running Chiropody & Podiatry clinics
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Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Medicine (Holistic health support)

Lucy Hunn is now running Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Medicine clinics.
Please click on 'Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Medicine' for more information, and also read about Lucy Hunn in Meet the team.

Exercise Classes

We are very proud of our stunning Exercise Studio, a new addition in 2011! We are running a wonderful selection of classes designed & led by Chartered Physiotherapists, including:

Pilates - Promote perfect posture and movement

Knees in Need - Rehabilitation following knee replacement

Yummy Tummies 4 Mummies - Post natal exercise/education class, abdominal training/Pelvic floor training/Back care

We also have other classes running led by registered instructors:

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